GoD and DoG
by Wendy Francisco
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How GoD and DoG Came To Be
God and DoG started as a song. There was a morning when I drove down the driveway and as I passed my dog, Caspian, he gave me a look that said, "If it were up to me, I'd be with you all day."

That look stayed on my mind for awhile. I thought about how completely devoted he was to me, how animals who are bonded rarely ever leave each other, and how we humans are so busy, too busy. We leave each other for large parts of the day.

A few days later, I was eating dinner and a line popped into my head along with a melody, "I look up and I see God, I look down and see my dog". Then another line came, and another. I dropped my fork and told my husband Don that I had to go write a song. I fumbled around for a pen, ran to the livingroom, and began to write. The song was roughed out in 45 minutes. Don, who is also a songwriter, helped me to polish the song in the next day or so.

Then I called up every "victim" I could think of, and sang the song to them over the phone. The song passed the victim test. The next time Don and I were performing was in July of 2010 on a cruise ship. I sang the song there and the audience gave me an ovation in the middle of the song.

When I returned home, I decided to try to post the song on You Tube. Don recorded me singing it with my classical guitar sitting in our livingroom. At first I arranged a photo collection of me and Caspian for the video, but it was distracting, so I deleted that version. I decided to try animating. I wanted to make the cartoon dog look like an everyman's dog. Although I had never animated, I did make flipbooks when I was a kid. I had so much fun with my simple video program (which kept crashing), I didn't leave the laptop for two days.

I posted the video to You Tube on August 4th 2009. I called all my friends and told them about the video and it had a few hundred views in several days before the views began to die down. I was so excited. It had been a fun adventure and so very worth doing.

But then the views turned around and began to climb again. By 40 days GoD and DoG had received a million views! This was the LAST thing I expected! Thousands of emails and comments began to pour in with amazing stories and thank yous. People were asking permission to sing it, to quote it in books, to show the video, and to use the song in shows and films. My friend Stacey O' Brien who wrote the NYT Bestselling book, Wesley The Owl, called her literary agent who then called me. GoD and DoG was released as a gifbook in September of 2010 by Hachette Books. As of today, the video has received almost 3.5 million views on You Tube alone, although it has also been circulating uncounted as a wmv all over the internet.

God bless!
- Wendy