GoD and DoG
by Wendy Francisco
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Thank you for your letters!
Dear Wendy, your video "GodnDog" moved me to tears, thank you very much for making it.
Sincerely, Deb MA
Thank you for expressing your creativity through you and sharing it with all the world. God is Love and my dog is a pure example of it. It's that simple. No big religious thing, doesn't have to be that complicated. All dog owners sense the magnificence, if they are open to it and their hearts are beating.
Many blessings your way,
Karen, Seal Beach, CA
.... your video sure got to me.... tying in the two things together... God and Dog got my attention since I am an animal lover... . I guess what I am trying to say is that NOTHING... and I mean NOTHING has ever got to me like that it was the most awesome song I have ever heard in my life... I just listened to it over and over. I felt like crying just listening to it... and that is so rare for a song to do that to me.... you broke through to my heart... how wonderful that was :) ...Jean
"Absolutely loved the video! Even my 17 year old son who hates everything said, 'It is brilliant!' and called you a genius.
My dogs and I thank you... New Fan, Rose"
Thank you for the most beautiful song of all time... Fran
I am crying again after watching the second time. You should win a grammy. Elizabeth
Dear Wendy, "GoD and DoG" is so very simple and beautiful. I do not believe Shelly or Keats ever put something more eloquently. Bill, CA
Hello Wendy, Wow, my girls (6 & 8) and I just saw your video, God and Dog. What a wonderful and inspirational message! We just LOVE it and keep singing your song. Thank you for a wonderful way to teach my girls God’s love! You said it so simply and perfectly. We can’t wait for the book!!
Sincerely, Deb, Katie, and Grace Vickery J, NM
Many people consider a rainy, chilly day like today here in Illinois rather gloomy and depressing. Truth be told, I relish cocooning on such days. Alone with my thoughts and not feeling compelled to accomplish anything in particular. When I opened an e-mail addressed as God and Dog, I expected one of those heart warming stories that leave pet owners feeling warn and fuzzy. However, when I heard that mellow voice, the touching graphics, and finally realized what I was viewing, I was awash with tears and can barely look at my dog Lulu without getting misty-eyed. But then taken to such a lovely and safe place. A perfect complement to the raindrops falling on the autumn leaves outside. I am not usually schmaltzy, but I just felt I wanted to share my appreciation of your outstanding work. I've sent it cross-country to others who I know will be touched also. Thank you! Carol
What a Wonderful birthday Gift!!! A friend sent me the video yesterday and I was too busy to watch it so I watched it this morning. I still have tears of Joy from it. THANK YOU!!!!! I am 55 today. Mike, Idaho
Dear Wendy: I sit here typing this email to you with tears rolling down my cheeks. This is the most beautiful, touching, loving, song I have ever had touch my ears and my heart. I too, am an animal lover, and I, too, know that GoD is DoG spelled backwards. Thank you for bringing such joy to my heart. Fondly, Deanna
P.S. - As an aside, I just finished reading Wesley The Owl for the second time in one month. I find it wonderfully coincidental that you are the same Wendy who touched my heart so deeply with her song, as the Wendy who shared her life with Wesley.
I just had to express myself to you. I just wanted you to know I am going through a really rough time in my life right now, and when I watched and listened to this story it touched me in ways you can't imagine. Tears came to my eyes especially when it said that God waits, forgives, and loves. This is such a wonderful message. I watch it all the time and it makes me feel better and smile. I so desperately need that at this time. Thank you for your creativity and for passing it along. Warmly, Elizabeth, AL
I just recently came across this most wonderful video. The first time I saw it, I watched it 18 times in a row. I could NOT stop myself. I am a dog lover too, having two of my own. When I have to take one and not the other, or more so, when I have to leave them both, I feel awful. But what a joyful reunion. The simplicity of your drawings is what is most attractive to me. They do not detract from the message within your video, rather add to it. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with everyone.
God bless us all. And God bless our dogs.
Sincerely, Maureen
Hi Wendy,
I am a pastor and I have 7 dogs and 2 cats. In Genesis, God gave humans the charge to take care of the world and all living creatures in it. At annual Pet Blessing services, I reference the way our animals reflect the unconditional love of God to us. I love your song and video and will be sharing it with others. Thank you for sharing this spiritual truth in such a beautiful and accessible way! I encourage everyone to become an advocate for no-kill shelters and check out the following websites:
Love this video and will share it with everyone. I was having a bad day a long time ago and was holding my dog and telling him how lucky I was to have him and how perfect he was and how much I love him. I realized then that if God could he would hold me and tell me the same thing. I will never forget that moment. I will never forget my dog either.
Jennifer - Fort Worth TX
Hi Wendy, I was just forwarded GoD and DoG. What a beautiful correlation and wonderful story!!! I will share your message with many! Thank you for making me smile!
Sending you a virtual hug! Suzanne
Hello, My Name's Robert, My boss sent me the God and Dog video about a year ago. I've been posting it where-ever I can. Such a beautiful and meaningful song. We have two old "puppies" (to me, all dogs are puppies,and oddly, all dogs, even those that the owners say are "protective" or "vicious" run to me and mess up my police uniform, which I don't care...big slobbering kisses always make me happy).
After hearing the song first from my boss (who knows I'm an animal, esp. dog, lover), I had just finished my night and turnaround night shift. Maybe it was working nights, maybe it was because we'd lost our beloved weiner-dog Cokie, but I looked down at my big galoot black lab and Chihuahua and started crying.
Since I work nights, Penelope ("Norkie") is always under the covers and Chuck the lab is always at my head pawing me. Funny, he knows when I'm reading the Bible and doesn't disturb me...when I pick up another book, the pawing commences.
Thank you for such a beautiful and wistful song. Love in Christ, Robert
I'm a late-comer to watching your "God and Dog" video. I've never seen such a charming and heart-warming thing in my life! I'm not a super religious person, as far as being involved in an organized religion, but your video certainly touched that part of me that believes there is a higher power. I've often said that dogs are angels in our midst. Having a dog or two (in our case, four!) in the house really adds spirit to a home. I feel sorry for those folks who have said your video is blasphemy. Their view of the world is certainly narrow.
Bless you for making the video. For all us dog lovers, we can certainly connect to your message. All the best -
Dear Wendy, A friend sent me your GoD and DoG video. It's absolutely brilliant. It brings tears to my eyes every time. So simple and profound. I'm sending it to everyone.Thank you. KP
I just lost my dearest friend and companion, Roxanne. Although this is the second dog that I have grieved for, Roxanne was a German Shepherd and I was her chosen, meaning she devoted her life to loving and protecting me. I have always pondered the word God and dog and yes, I have my theory. I do not know of another animal or human form that loves like a dog - with their soul. You can beat them, starve them, neglect them, but they will continue to wag their tail and love you. How?
I know that I am a better person for having loved a canine. Your video is amazing, I am ordering your books. I absolutely love your gentle voice, thank you - thank you for helping me work through my sorrow!
Just want to send you thanks for such an incredibly simple but powerful message! My best friend is my 15 year old wolf-dog named Snowqueen. She is always there for me and doesn’t ask for much in return…a scratch on the belly, a few chew bones and some goobie treats and a romp in the snow once in a while! I so loved your video. Brought tears to my eyes!
Alice OH
Oh my gosh I am sitting here in tears what a beautiful and very true song. I own and operate His Hands Extended Sanctuary a home to 214 rescued cats and 32 dogs. I would love to buy this song and use it on our digital picture frame to reach peoples hearts for abandoned animals and God' love. Thanks for sharing your gift. Tanya
Thank you for one of the most beautiful songs and sentiments I have ever had the pleasure of reading, hearing, experiencing.
Hello Wendy,
Our church, (Covenant Presbyterian Church in Westchester, CA), is starting up a ministry that will invite people to bring their dogs to the worship services with them. I would like to ask you: if I purchase a DVD, may we play it at the services? May we have your permission? Thanks so much,
Patty Hedges
In moments of joy, all of us wish we possessed
a tail we could wag. ---- W. H. Auden
I NEVER send notes to artists but I had to send this. I absolutely LOVE "God and Dog". It's wonderful.
Thank you for creating it. Valerie
Dear Wendy, I just wanted to write and say what a beautiful message God and dog is. So simple yet so profound. I received it from a friend recently and sent it to I can't say how many. I RARELY if ever forward messages I receive through e-mail unless they are specific information I want to send to a person. People so need to know how God loves them. Isn't He wonderful to send us that love in so many gentle ways? Your song is inspired. God Bless you... Kris
One artist to another…this is a beautiful piece!!! Music, illustrations, words – but the message is priceless. I hope just the right person sees it and helps you publish a children’s book as well. Sarah
GoD and DoG was a big hit at church today! Thank you for the beautiful song.
Dorothy was the perfect dog. She was a Labrador that had the kindest nature and a warmer heart than most humans I’ve encountered. She was the first dog that was mine, not a family pet, mine. That being said, I realized relatively quickly that one does not own a dog, one opens their heart up and lets a dog come in. She was my constant companion for 11 years. We were close friends before I was married, and she was older than both my kids. She could be jealous of my wife’s affections towards me, but was ultimately very loving and a companion to my wife as well. She was so gentle to both of my kids. She was a protector and a watchdog. Even in her older days when it was obviously painful to do so, she would find a tennis ball or stick or anything she could find in the back yard that she thought could potentially be a fetching toy, wanting to play even when she could barely walk. I had 11 really good years with Dorothy and I miss her terribly. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was to bury my dog, knowing that I would never get to have the pleasure of her greeting me, or kissing my face, and cheering me up no matter how low I felt.
Another journey I have embarked on is my relationship to God. It began a little over a year ago with the passing of another dear loved one, my Grandfather. This is has been a very personal and introspective journey, to where at first I was in doubt, but now am on the side of belief.
Two weeks ago I buried my precious Dorothy. A couple of days later, a friend of mine had posted the you tube video of God and Dog on their facebook. It was a comfort that I needed after losing my loved one. It was also a poignant reminder of my spiritual journey, and there are roads yet to travel in it.
Thank you for this gift. It has warmed my soul countless times now, and has done my heart good!
All the best, Mike Hall
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for a very beautiful and poignant song, "GoD and DoG".
God Bless, Dusty
Wendy, We are a faith based professional Frisbee Dog touring show (www.k9frisbee.com). What it would take for us to use your Dog/God song in our show? All of our dogs (12) are rescued. We actually have the current “World Champion Frisbee Dog”, and five other world finalists; all of them are rescued. Walking In His Grace, Lawrence
Wendy, someone sent this to me today, knowing my personal belief that dogs are a reflection and constant reminder of God’s love for Man. They live in a state of Grace no man can ever achieve, and like all sentient animals, they have souls and their own Heaven. Thank you for the song, so simple, so true.
Mike Lehane, Vice President Wolfdog Rescue Resources, Inc.
www.wrr-inc.org (714) 673-3729 Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
Public Relations and Fundraising Officer www.wolfmountain.com
MySpace page: www.myspace.com/wolflingsdad
I just saw this video and I will NEVER look at my dog the same again. What a great parallel!


A friend (and fellow dog person) sent me the link to GoD and Dog. I had to go get the box of Kleenex. We've all thought about that idea, haven't we--how God and the dog must be closely linked? I will be letting all my dog-loving friends know about your music. Thank you, God bless you, and Dog love you. Mary W
Dear Wendy Francisco,
I just heard your God and Dog song. God used the relationship between my father-in-law and his dogs to teach him about God's Grace and Love. Dad could not understand grace and thought that it was too late for him because he did not receive Christ as a child. He took the words literally and not understanding that God meant with the heart of a child. One day Dad was telling us "how much he loved his dogs, who really were a pain sometimes and did not deserve the care he gave them. He said he didn't know why but he would lay down his life for any one of his dogs. (of course they loved him faithfully). I said to him, "Dad, you just explained how God feels about us." Later he shared with his elderly neighbor that "He finally understood God's Grace." A week later he died and what a glorious homecoming he had. It took the love of a dog to show him who God is. Thank you for your song. Charlon
Hi Wendy,
I sang the God/DoG song tonight at our animal blessing. To my surprise every dog in the group joined in! What a glorious sound on a beautiful day in Nebraska. Many blessings, Karen
Hi Wendy - A friend just sent me a link to your GoD And DoG video on YouTube. I promised myself I'd be stoic while watching it but that was a lost cause....you got me! (that was a clever "guy" way of saying you may have gotten a tear out of me but I'm not sayin' for sure haha) Awesome music and animation....a powerful combination. When I had my dog (he died in 2002 and I still miss him), I often thought that if God even loved me half as much as my dog did, I'd be happy....I think at the time I was dead serious and was even intending it as an insult toward God- having been through the organized religion wringer and a cult or two, I was certain God was out to get me so why not return fire. I mentioned to a couple of Christian friends that I learned more of the nature of God in 17 years of living with my dog than a lifetime of bible studies and conferences (not implying there isn't value in those....just not for me). Of course they didn't get it and I wasn't going to explain it to them. For those who have ears, let them hear.....or something like that.
Gonna watch the video once more. Must remain stoic. :) John
Wendy, you made my day. I am not what you would call "religious" by any stretch, but I DO believe animals are GOD'S angels on this earth. Your song made me cry with love...and that is a fine reason to cry! Tina
Hi Wendy:
I loved your song. My best friend is a 10-year old boy named Cole, born with Cerebral Palsy and he has a service dog named Ilia which he obtained from Canine Companions for Independence which you can see here on the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EPuqGSD8VY His dog won ASPCA dog of the year for 2008 and he went from Los Angeles to New York to accept the award. Cole is quite a celebrity himself having starred in a special TV series on the Discovery Channel (My Life As A Child) as well as being the spokeman and celebrity for the Ronald McDonald house and was sitting on top of the Rose Bowl parade in this next photo which depicts just how important a dog can be for a child like Cole:

Wendy's comment - Please visit www.cci.org or call 1-800-572-BARK to donate to this the wonderful cause.

Wendy, God bless you. I have been touched so deeply, I can say no more except thank you.
Bob, Honolulu

Dear Ms. Francisco,
I love your video. Thank you. I wanted to know if I could use it in my class for 5th graders. The video is great in explanation of who God is and where he can be found. Best regards, AJ
Hello Wendy, My friend forwarded the video to me and I enjoyed it, and the truth of it. I am a veterinarian. Many times I have experienced the gaze of dogs and felt a spiritual bond with them. A minister once told me that dogs don't have a soul, so they won't go to heaven, but I reject that idea. I can see them clearly and want to help them.

It was during and just after the pet food recall of March 2007 that I wrote my pet food cookbook. I wanted people to have a source of recipes that were safe and wholesome for dogs/cats. ... I believe that the number of deaths from adulterated production pet food was greatly underestimated. I was angry and inspired enough to write a book. So check out my "inspired" pet food cookbook. It is unique because of the comprehensive Yes-Yes List and No-No List of foods and seasonings that are safe/not safe to feed dogs and cats.

Thanks again for your video, and much success to you.
Sincerely, Dr Amy Cousino - www.strategicbookpublishing.com/HowToCookForYourPet.html

My name is Gayle Etcheverry. My father forwarded your video to me because of the title. A few years ago, I wrote a piece about our dog, Lucy that is called "Dog Spelled Backwards is God" and have it up on my website http://www.GodBlessHumanity.com
I was so touched by your video that I added it to the page on my website dedicated to my love for dogs and I added your link to your website. I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing this beautiful video. It just warms my heart each time I watch it and makes me go hug my dog extra long. And from one artist to another, I'm really grateful for your creativity and that you share your gifts & talents with the world for us all to enjoy. God bless you & God bless humanity.
cheers, Gayle
Thank you for putting simple words and melody to an awesome concept.
Stewart, Texas
As a veteran songwriter (alanoday.com) & animal person, I have to tell you how much your animated song means to me. Although my wife & I don't currently have any pets (allergies, bla bla bla), there was always a dog in my life while growing up. This is because my mother loved animals to the point of being a vegetarian, & saw part of her role in life as rescuing stray dogs (as well as birds, owls, packrats, & a racoon who had it's own room with a TV, but that's another story...). She often mentioned the spelling connection as meaningful to her, I only wish she were still here to watch & listen to your spiritual & touching ode. You & she would speak the same language. But I'm here, & I salute you, bless you, & send you large hugs & face licks.
Chordially, Alan O'Day
The day after seeing your video.... Angus and I went to the Pike Place park(shared by homeless, tourists and downtown apartment dwellers with dogs) this morning. Angus spotted a small Chihuahua scampering around a man sitting next to his bicycle. As we got closer to the two, the man shrugged and said, "I know it looks silly for a big guy like me to have this little thing". "Not at all", I said. He said that he went to clean out a crack house and that she had been abandoned there. When he took her to the shelter, he was told that she would probably be destroyed. He couldn't bear to let that happen, so he took her home and bought her a bed, and of course she preferred his. "I believe in God", he said, but I don't understand him. Why should a guy like me, a struggling alcoholic and a smoker, end up with her?". "Well", I said, "you know what God spells backward is? I'd say that you have a little piece of him in your lap right now that you're meant to have and care for". "I don't like to smoke in front of her", he said, and I responded, "One thing at a time". Angus sat on his foot. - Susan
A friend of mine sent me your video, and it brought me to tears........so simple, and yet so powerful........thank you for reminding us what an awesome God we have! ....and what awesome little creatures dogs are! Bonny
That song is the best!! I am a true animal lover and I keep playing that song!! Every dog I have ever owned always have lived like kings and princesses. Now I know why. Thank you for that song!! Sue
My sister just forwarded me Wendy's beautiful song and animation. I LOVED it. I am a "dog mom" and also a Christian and couldn't agree more. The love of both is unconditional. I found myself humming the tune all day today.
Thank you, Wendy! You have a beautiful heart and soul!!
Lisa, WI
This is the most heartwarming and simple pieces I have seen and heard. "Brilliant!," does not do justice on how we would describe it. THANK YOU SO MUCH... Sincerely, LEN & SUE
Hi, Wendy!
I was sent the link to your wonderful song! I am owned by two chi boys, PedroMiguel and JuanCarlos. They are the loves of my life! More importantly, they are both certified therapy dogs. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to see the power of a dog, with all types of people from children who are learning to read, to seniors in need of a visit! I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your piece. It is simply beautiful! Elizabeth
I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed listening and sharing God n Dog. I know that I am not the only dog lover in the world. However, the story of my life is so intertwined with the canines who have been in it that words have never seemed to do justice to these amazing animals contribution to my journey. Your few lyrics are perfect.
Thank you so much.
Dear Wendy,
God and Dog is simply beautiful. And, I am touched by your music and your words ... hence the e-mail. I'm going back to your website for a longer visit.
Thank you. Karen, FL
The Puppy Baby Book

by Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Illustrated by Gladys Ramirez
Edited by M.A.S. Stautberg
80 pages Hardcover 11 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 0-9701137-0-6 - $21.95
I am a dog lover of 56 years. My wife and I adopted our latest dog from the local SPCA three years ago. She was terribly abused and abandoned. It took months to bring her back to a functioning pet but it was worth it. Molly, our dog is the sweetest spirit. She still bears the mental scars of her abuse but she does fine around my wife and I. I love your song/video and my God bless you for expressing that which I feel. A dog’s love is the closest to God’s love that we can experience in this life. Cats aren’t half bad either but they spell Tac backwards so that doesn’t work. Hehe! God Bless!! Michael
I just wanted to say thank you for the God and Dog work. It was very moving to me because of my own dogs and my curiosotiy with their wisdom. When my father passed away his dog which was a young puppy, would approach me when I was in tears and look at me the same way as in your animation. I'm not a very vocal or sentimental person but that clip was extremely powerful to me and I have watched it many many times in the last year or so. It has comforted me and I thank you for that. James S Elmore